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Say goodbye to the scars on your skin with Baby Face Beauty

women baby face blonde blue eyes
women baby face blonde blue eyes

Today, there are different methods to protect the beauty and youthful appearance of the skin. Especially non-surgical aesthetic applications have become increasingly popular in recent years. Baby face beauty application is one of the most remarkable methods. Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist explained what should be known about baby face beauty application.

Baby Face

Thanks to its many advantages, this application is preferred by many people. In this method, micro channels are opened on the skin through the laser system. Then the serum content selected according to the skin problem is applied into these channels.

In the Baby Face process, both the laser application and the content of the serums used help to eliminate the problems that occur in the skin. Serums such as Vitamin A and C, Tranexamicacid, Lasemd content containing nano particles rich in stem cells and Resveratrol are used in baby face beauty application.

Blue eyes baby face


Baby face beauty application takes place in two steps. In the first step of the application, thulium laser is applied to the surface of the skin. In this way, approximately 6,000 micro channels are opened. While these channels are opened, the serum to be used in the skin is prepared.

Serum products prepared after laser application for approximately 4 to 6 minutes are fed to the skin through the opened channels. After these procedures are completed, an average face mask of 10 minutes is applied. In this way, a session takes on average half an hour.

pink lips baby face


Baby face beauty can be performed in several sessions depending on the skin tone, structure and problem of the person to be applied. Thanks to the applications repeated in this way, the permanence of the process increases.

Baby face beauty sessions take quite short. Also, since it is a painless procedure, no anesthesia is required. Since there is no surgical intervention, people can continue their daily lives after application. Baby face beauty can be applied in all seasons, regardless of summer or winter. However, attention should be paid to sun protection after application.

This application can be applied in 2-week intervals in 3-4 sessions depending on the condition of the skin. The desired result can be obtained immediately after application and the resulting differences become visible immediately after application. With multiple applications, the permanence of the effect obtained also increases. When the effects start to disappear, there is no problem in realizing it again.

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