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Japanese Style Professional Massage Applications


You will feel like you are in Japan with the massage experience at Tama.Ki Boutique Spa and Pilates Studio. Tama.Ki is a Japanese character that means ring and circulation. The circulatory system plays an important role in the birth and revival of energy, which is the life source of all living things. Energy in circulation, life in energy is hidden.
Experienced far eastern therapists will give you an unforgettable massage pleasure!

Reflexology and Leg Massage (Foot Bath 10 Min. + Reflexology 30 Min)

Herbal tea, imported from Japan, ASHIYU with tissue detox tea, eliminates toxins in the feet.
Ashiyu (Foot Bath): Foot bath, which is perfect for foot pain and relaxation, ASHIYU is one of the Japanese methods. Reflexology is applied by pressing and rubbing the reflex points on the feet, which are connected with all organs and systems of the body. It is helped to relieve swelling with edema massage for the foot and leg from below the knee.

Tama.Ki Method Full Body Massage (Far Infrared Sauna Usage 10 Min. + Massage 50 Min.)

Tama.Ki Method Full Body Massage: It is the whole body oil massage that we blend with far east massage techniques such as Thai and Shiatsu and medical massage. It increases the circulation speed in the body, revitalizes, regulates and reduces muscle tension. It removes the tiredness and stress of the day.

Thai Massage (60 Min)

It is a type of massage usually done with pressure and stretching movements. It reduces pain and pain in the skeleton, joint and muscle structure by reducing tension. In this way, the flexibility of the body increases
and internal organs working regularly. helps you get rid of it.

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