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8 Tips of Simple and Natural Makeup

Natural-looking makeup is a technique called “no makeup look” or “no makeup makeup”, which looks like no makeup on your face. Of course, make-up differentiates our natural look, but you can make such a simple and natural make-up that no one understands that it has make-up on your face. Natural makeup techniques can be applied by anyone, regardless of their ability to apply makeup. Applying plain makeup does not only mean applying mascara and lipstick. Natural makeup can take longer than you think, but it will still take no more than 15 minutes. In this article, “How to make natural makeup?” you will learn. With natural make-up techniques, you can look flawlessly on your way to work or school without stopping as if you were wearing excess makeup. So come on, “How to make simple makeup?” Let’s find out.

First Step Cleaning and Humidification

“How to make simple makeup daily?” Before you learn, you need to know that the first step of every makeup is to clean the skin and prepare it for makeup. It is a mistake to start making up without cleansing the skin from dirt and oil. When you apply makeup without cleansing your skin, you will cause the dirt on the skin to be trapped inside the pores and you will prepare the ideal ground for blackheads and acne. You should make sure that your skin is smooth and soft before applying makeup. After cleansing your skin with a cleansing product suitable for the skin type, you can make your skin smooth by removing the dead skin with a peeling. If you are going to apply BB cream or CC cream, you don’t need to use moisturizer. These products contain moisturizer, but if you are going to use foundation, you should definitely moisturize your skin. Wait for the moisturizer to be absorbed well before proceeding to skin makeup. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips with lip balm.

Start With Perfect Skin Makeup

After cleansing and cleansing her skin, it’s time to equalize her skin tone and hide redness, pimples and other imperfections on her face. Of course you can do this with a foundation or a high-coverage moisturizer.

For natural-looking makeup, you can choose a fine foundation or BB cream or CC cream. The foundation should have little or medium coverage, if it is high coverage, it may not look like there is no makeup on your face. You should apply the foundation all over your face with the help of a wet sponge and buffer movements. If you have a pore problem or have oily skin, you can apply a small amount of make-up base to your T-zone, where the pores are dense, with a silicone-based make-up base before applying foundation, and you can make your skin shine less during the day. After waiting for the base to stabilize, you can switch to skin makeup. With its anti-glare feature, Shine Killer makeup is perfect for this job!

You can choose a matte or shimmer foundation for natural makeup. Luminous or wet finishes look like your own natural skin on the face as they reflect the light better. If you are not going to use a shimmer foundation, you can apply an illuminating foundation base on your entire face before applying the foundation and make it look as if your skin is shining spontaneously. If you have bruises under the eyes, apply a concealer after applying the foundation. You only need to apply the concealer in spots on the bruises and avoid intensive application. Finally, you can take a small amount of a transparent powder with a large brush and apply it on the entire face in a thin layer, fixing your make-up. With the help of High Definition Finishing Powder, you can fix your makeup and stay it all day.

Revive Your Eyes with Natural Eye Makeup

In order to “make up as if there is no”, your eye makeup should be as natural as your skin makeup. You should choose natural shades like peach, brown and rose. You should distribute the eyeshadow that you applied on the eyelid and towards the fold area and make it look like there is no eyeshadow in your eyes. The color of the eyeshadow you choose should look like there is a natural shade on the eyelids. Among the natural makeup secrets, perhaps it was our favorite: You can use bronze instead of headlight. If you take a bronzer in a wide headlight scattering brush and distribute it well on the eyelids, you can make the most natural and simple eye makeup you have ever seen.

The bronzer may contain orange or cold undertones and may contain grayness. You can also apply a light eye shadow or a bronzer to the lower lash bottoms, but this is entirely up to you. It does not look like a smoky eye makeup as you will make a light application with light colored headlights. Natural makeup models usually do not include eyeliner application, but you can use eyeliner. If you want an intense look, you can get a natural look by applying a thin pencil on the upper lash bottom with a brown eyeliner and then distributing it with a headlight brush.

Reveal Your Eyes with Mascara

You should definitely apply a mascara after applying the headlight. If you prefer a mascara that separates and lengthens your lashes individually, it will look more natural than volumizing and sticking lashes together. You should apply a maximum of two coats of mascara, more can spoil the “no makeup” impression you want to achieve. Even after applying mascara, you can comb your eyelashes with an eyelash brush and separate the lashes that stick together to make them look more natural. If you choose a brown mascara instead of a black mascara, you can further strengthen your “no makeup makeup” look. Worth the Hype Mascara Borwnish Black is an ideal option for brown mascara lovers! Don’t forget to put mascara on your lower lashes!

Shape and Refine Eyebrows

Your eye makeup is not complete without shaping your eyebrows. Whether it’s a natural make-up or an intense evening make-up, strong-looking eyebrows change your entire expression, add meaning to your gaze and highlight your eyes. After you give your eyebrows the shape you want, you can fill the gaps between your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder in the same color as your eyebrows. If you cannot find an eyebrow product that matches the color of your eyebrows, you can fill your eyebrows with a matte headlight of the same color as your eyebrows. You can take a small amount of headlamps into a cut-headed headlight brush and shake off the excess, then apply it to the eyebrow and then remove the excess with a clean eyebrow brush. You can comb your lashes with one end of the NYX CosmeticsPro Dual Brow Brush eyebrow brush, and shape and paint as you wish with the other end. You will find that this method is the most natural eyebrow filling technique you have ever seen. If the eyebrows are dark enough and dense, you can skip the filling process and you can ensure that your eyebrows remain intact throughout the day with a colored or transparent eyebrow fixing gel. You should follow this process after filling your eyebrows.

Contouring and Lighting

“Is contouring done in plain makeup?” don’t think. If the contours and illuminators are not applied intensely, they look quite natural and add dimension to the face, revealing their natural beauty. You can use cream or powder products for the shading process. You should apply your contours very little and very finely and distribute them thoroughly with a brush or sponge until the borders disappear. The illuminator should not contain glitter. This allows you to get away from the natural look you want. Creams with a cream formula that give your skin a wet look look more natural than powder illuminators.

Natural Blush Application

You can skip contours if you want, but there is one step you should not skip between natural looking makeup techniques, which is blush application. Your cheeks should look like they are slightly flushed from the sun. If you don’t apply blush, it’s natural, you look dull. Blush adds vitality to your face. Cream blushes are always more permanent. Your skin will look healthier if you prefer a blush with very slight shimmer. You should try blush in a tone suitable for the colors you use in eye makeup. While the blush is applied, look at the mirror with a slight smile and apply a peach or pink blush on the swollen areas of your cheeks. If there is no blush, you can apply the lipstick you use with a brush or a finger to your cheeks. Since the sun burns the high areas of the face, our nose also flushes. If you lightly touch the blush brush on your nose, you will look more innocent and burnt in the sun.

Complete Your Natural Look With Lipstick

Simple makeup models are always complemented by a lipstick in pale, rose-dry or light pink tones, close to natural lip color. It is up to you whether you use a lip liner before applying your lipstick. If your lip line is not very obvious, you should use it, but applying lipstick without lip liner will look more natural. You can also apply lip gloss alone or over lipstick. Now, “How to make natural-looking makeup?” You have learned. It’s your turn to try!

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