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15 Rules You Must Know About Makeup


Here are 15 rules that you know right and wrong, maybe you should be a little bit more brave, in short, you need to know about makeup!

We all have certain truths about makeup and things that we will rain and not do. We have habits that we feel comfortable and think suits ourselves, but today we leave the area where we are comfortable. Yes, much about beauty is relative, it is not right to draw sharp boundaries, but there are also some general-valid rules. Now we leave you alone with those facts and the rules you have to follow for a more natural look! Thanks to quick makeup tips, you will be able to apply these rules quickly.

Much makeup is not always a beautiful makeup.

Applying the foundation abundantly and getting rid of all inequalities, keeping eye makeup intense and getting a stunning look, at the same time, applying intense colored lip makeup, bronzer, blush, applying contours abundantly … Makeup is not actually this, you know it. Very makeup short, “I’m here!” makeup is actually not a good thing. The main event is naturally highlighting the beauties, while hiding the flaws skillfully. The fewer and fewer points, the better!

The importance of flawless brushes for flawless makeup

It is a fact that the make-up brushes have a big role in a good make-up. Yes, the best of the foundation is to spend money for the quality of the eyeshadow palette, but for the perfect make-up, the most important investment is to make the brushes. When you apply the right product to the right place with the best brush, you will see how different and beautiful the result will be.

The best foundation should make you look like no foundation!

Now we all know how bad the intense foundation look actually looks. It is a nightmare for the foundations that are applied in layers, not distributed properly, and also the ones that do not match the skin type and whose colors are chosen incorrectly. Instead, you will feel like your own skin and be amazed at how natural it looks when you apply it in a very good way, without exaggerating the skin-compatible foundation both in color and structure. In fact, you should know that a very small amount of foundation has changed a lot!

The price of a product does not always indicate that it is “good”.

Many of us have this perception; If a product is expensive, it definitely looks good. This is a completely wrong idea, we have encountered such things among the affordable products we have tried so far that it was enough to push the products we give hundreds of liras behind our drawers. All you have to do is give a chance to the products that you think will not meet your expectation because it is affordable, and just because it is expensive, you should be approaching a product that you think will look very good, just like all the others. In short, evaluate books according to their covers and products according to their prices!

The path to beautiful makeup goes through the right skin

Spa Salon: Young Beautiful Woman Having Different Facial Treatment. Please, view my other pictures of this series below:

We all know this very well now. Skin care is actually the first step of a beautiful and natural makeup. The better you take care of your skin, the more regular and well-cleaned, moisturized, the better your makeup will look. It is not possible to paint a perfect picture on a canvas that has been smeared before, no matter how hard you try, and the relationship between skin cleansing and makeup is the same.

Makeup is actually a trick!

We all know the imperfections on our face more or less. It is very important that we know where we should hide and where we should stand out. Actually, the makeup is just that. When you put the imperfections into the background with small makeup tricks and highlight the beautiful parts, you will also make your most beautiful makeup.

Editor’s suggestion: In this step, you should learn the correct contours in full detail. With 3 Steps to Sculpt, the new contour palette of NYX Professional Makeup, you can achieve an extremely natural look.

Mix, mix, mix!

Now you have learned how important it is to “mix” in make-up so far, but we would like to remind you once more of this important step. Even if it is a perfect smokey eye makeup, if you only apply a single color eye shadow, you should definitely get a soft tip brush and mix the transitions abundantly. You will get a natural and beautiful image.

False eyelashes are indispensable when they come!

Although we are the most natural of makeup, some situations are exceptions. In special day makeup, it will not be possible without false eyelashes. We all love the secret weapon, the eyelashes that add much more depth to the eyes and make eye makeup look like a professional, secretly and secretly!

Bronzer is not just something that is practiced in summer.

We all love the bronze look and are actually wrong when we think it is only summer. Wait a minute, we are not talking about getting a completely bronze look with the bronzer in the winter months! Bronzer is actually a miraculous product that gives warmth to the skin and removes that paleness caused by the fact that the foundation is one color. So don’t be afraid to give your face a nice warmth by applying your bronzer gently in the winter.

Editor’s Suggestion: Maybelline Master Bronze palette, which we love its structure, softness and pigmentation and color harmony, is our summer-winter favorite, you should definitely try it too!

Determine and improve your makeup routine!

We have just said that it is necessary to hide flaws and to bring out beautiful parts naturally. Once you have shaped and determined the makeup routine accordingly, you can continue trying new things.

There are dosages of smoky eye makeup too!

When you think of smoky eye makeup, you don’t have to make a black and intense makeup. You can apply a smokey eye makeup even with a single natural color eye shadow and you can even use it in your daily makeup. Just adjust the dose according to your destination.

Editor’s Suggestion: Whether we recommend a palette where you can find all the colors you need for intense smokey eye makeup or a light effect. Urban Decay’s Naked palette is just for this job!

Don’t be afraid of bold lip makeup

Does your hand always go to the same nude tones both day and night, on special occasions and parties? Don’t you have the courage to try some colors like red, burgundy and purple? Try. Life is short and you don’t know how well that burgundy lipstick will suit you.

Check yourself while filling your eyebrows!

Eyebrow is what affects expression the most. The naturalness of eyebrow makeup is also very important. With the intention of shaping the eyebrows, missing the end of the rope is a complete nightmare. When it comes to eyebrows in make-up, check yourself and move with tiny steps and don’t overdo it. Let’s even give you a hint: Before filling your eyebrows, you can reverse the gaps and apply enough products.

Believe in the importance of primers!

We always say how important the primer base application is in makeup. Now if the makeup bases are not a step in the routine, now is the time to add it. You can destroy the pore and fine lines, moisturize your skin and increase the permanence of your foundation with this magic step.

Editor’s suggestion: We recommend a primer that you need to urgently add to your makeup routine: Lancome La Base Pro Pore Eraser with makeup base, you can reduce the pore appearance and make a skin makeup like porcelain!

Actually, there is no rule, makeup is fun!

It would be strange to say something like a rule in make-up after sorting this rule up and down, but at the end of the day, makeup means having fun. Once you know your flaws well, you should also know how to have fun by creating your own rules!

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